5 Tips For Preventing IoT Hacks

The recent DDoS attack on Dyn was powered by a bot army of home devices(IoT) . Let’s See in Brief. 5 Tips For Preventing IoT …

The recent DDoS attack on Dyn was powered by a bot army of home devices(IoT) . Let’s See in Brief.

5 Tips For Preventing IoT Hacks

After the Massive Attack on Dyn. Security of ESET with National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) released a study which indicates  while consumers should be aware of security issues in IoT, many have not taken steps to secure IoT devices in their home.


Preventing IoT Hacks


In terms of the public’s knowledge of IoT security issues, the ESET/NCSA study found the following:

  •   88% of consumers have thought about the reality that IoT devices and the data they collect could be accessed by hackers.
  • 85% know that some computer webcams can be accessed by hackers to spy on them without their knowledge; and 29% are or have been, afraid that someone might have accessed their webcams or video calls without their consent.
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  • 77% are aware that some cars may be vulnerable to hacking, and 45% are very or somewhat concerned that their own car might have the potential to be hacked.
  • 76% were either “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about the security and privacy risks of Internet-connected smart toys.

    5 Tips by ESET/NCSA study.

1.      Learn  to maintain the security of IoT devices.

Users should  protect their Internet of Things devices in the same way they protecting their smartphones, tablets and home computers. They Should set strong passwords, reading the manuals for instructions on  lock down the devices.

2.     Kick out unused Apps.

We all just keeping the Apps even if they are not used. Check your devices periodically and delete apps you no longer use.

3.      Keep is Online Privacy Secure.

Understand what information your devices collect and how they use it managed and stored. Read the Agreement & Permission before Installing the Apps & Software

4.      Always Change the default setting on the home router.

This is worth reiterating: Strong passwords on home routers can prevent the type of DDoS that happened last Friday to Dyn.


5.      Search of the Stuff.

Before you purchase an IoT device, do a search to see if it has had security problems with it and if it can be easily hacked. You can Check-in Security Forums.


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