Adobe Photoshop Camera (Preview) for Android is live!

Last month Adobe announced it’s own Android Camera app powered by AI filters. Adobe Claims that it uses Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence to recognise subject in photos then filters applied to that.

These filters can be applied both on Live Preview or existing photos available in the Gallery. But I feel like, Live Preview is bit laggy even in my Mobile with 6GB of RAM. Well, May be it’s due to AI featured, Let’s wait till stable build.

For now, It’s not available in the Playstore. But you can sideload the APK to your Device to test it right now.

Scroll below for Download Link  👇👇

Upon testing, On the First Open we are prompted with Signup/Login screen. Looks like we have to Force Login to use.

Here are the Screenshot of the App upon opening for the First Time.

To be honest, the Filters are Dope.

Here are the Sample Pics we have created using Adobe Photoshop Camera filters.


Here is the Download link. Enjoy.