Facebook is Stealing users data via Whatsapp

Whatsapp is world most popular Instant messaging app. It’s recent beta app is designed in a such way that steals users data without their Knowledge — Read More

Facebook stealing users data via Whatsapp.

Ahh !! Before few days all whatsapp users got notification from whatsapp server. Whatsapp is free for lifetime. It’s a Good News isn’t ? But next words will may make you Panic about using Whatsapp.


Whatsapp Beta Version


Facebook Released Beta version of Whatsapp  4.12.413 with Exposes Setting that allows facebook to steal your content without your knowledge. One Freelance Android Developer Javier Santos has leaked the photos in Internet Giant Social Platform Google+


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Whatsapp Beta Version asking to STOP SHARING


It’s just one week before Facebook has announced whatsapp is free for lifetime. But now this kind of Facebook’s activity make users more panic. Oh God, We just felt happy because Whatsapp is Free for Lifetime. But now ?


Whatsapp Asking permission



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