GoPBN Review – One of the Best PBN Hosting available in the Market

GoPBN Review – GoPBN started as a Project by Udit Goenka and Oscar Hernandez in April 2016. It is launched in February 2017 at BlogX. Ok, I Hope the Introduction is enough. Let’s start the Review and How-to.

GoPBN Review

In this Post, I’m going to give the Review for one of the Most Powerful PBN Hosting Service Provider which is none other than GoPBN. Whenever the Google Release it’s new update our blog ranking will dance. Want to be stable? For that, we need a Powerful PBN which gives more authority, Boost our site. But always mind that Google is a Racist. It can easily trace the footprint of our PBN site and hunt it down.

What is GoPBN?

GoPBN is the Private Blog Network (PBN) Hosting company, Which is Started by Udit Goenka and Oscar Hernandez. Udit is an SEO expert and Oscar is expert in Server Administration. They both started PBN Hosting service in April 2016 and Launched in Feb 2017. They started GoPBN to manage their large network of the domain and quickly evolved into a SaaS offering for professional SEO to safely manage and grow their own PBN with the backing of web hosting specialists around the world, with the cutting edge super technology.

Why GoPBN?

GoPBN helps to deploy more that 1000 PBN worldwide within a min or two. It has a footprint removing functionality which is available from the backend technology of the server. So you don’t need to worry about leaving the Footprints. And GoPBN can deploy a site anywhere in the world within a second in the different hosting providers. It is also a Plus Point of GoPBN. If you’re a GoPBN Customer you won’t need to worry about leave footprints of PBN.

Features of GoPBN

GoPBN has tonnes of features which will make you amaze !!

  • User-friendly Control Panel

GoPBN Control Panel is made with User Experience in Mind. It having each and every control to the server. For CMS, phpMyAdmin, File Manager etc.,

GoPBN Review
User-friendly Control Panel
  • Deploy Multiple Domain at the same time

In GoPBN you can easily deploy multiple domains with different CMS around worldwide. Multiple domain deployments can be done by either uploading the CSV file (Microsoft Excel Document) or By adding the Number of Domain.

GoPBN Review
Deploy Multiple Domain at the same time
  • 3 Different CMS

GoPBN currently offers three different CMS for hosting the PBN site. One is WordPress, Joomla and Ghost. It can be chosen while creating a new PBN.

GoPBN Review
3 Different CMS available in GoPBN
  • Using Powerful Cloud Hosting around the World

GoPBN has its own company called PowerUpHosting. But for the footprint-free environment. GoPBN is using Top Most Cloud Hosting Providers including Digital Ocean, Etc.,

  • Footprint-free

GoPBN Deploys PBN website around the world. So there is no way of leaving the footprints. Which can be tracked by Google. GoPBN is using some advanced technology to removing the footprints even if they are left.

  • Multiple Locations deployment

With GoPBN you can deploy your site anywhere in the world. By Choosing your location while creating a New PBN

  • Great Customer Support

GoPBN having a great Customer support. You can Create a Ticket for your problem. GoPBN support team will contact through email.


1Deploy up to 1 domains1 Blogs @ $
10Deploy up to 10 domains10 Blogs @
$ 4/blog/month
50Deploy up to 50 domains50 Blogs @
$ 3.75/blog/month
100Deploy up to 100 domains100 Blogs @
$ 3.5/blog/month
200Deploy up to 200 domains200 Blogs @
$ 3.25/blog/month
500Deploy up to 500 domains500 Blogs @
$ 3/blog/month
1000Deploy up to 1000 domains1000 Blogs @
$ 2.75/blog/month


Review & Rating

  • Hosting
  • Footprint-Free
  • Performance
  • Customer Support


  • User-friendly Control Panel
  • Deploy Multiple Domain at the same time
  • 3 Different CMS
  • Using Powerful Cloud Hosting around the World
  • Great Customer Support


    How to create New PBN in GoPBN

    Now you will be redirected to the Login page of GoPBN. Which will look like the screenshot below.

    Enter your Email ID and Password and Click on the Login Button.

    GoPBN Review
    Login Panel of GoPBN
    • Click on the Deploy Tab. There you can choose the option of Deploying your New PBN website.

    GoPBN Review

    • Click on the Deploy Single Domain Button if you want to host a single domain otherwise select Multiple Domain at once.
    • Enter the Domain in the Text Box

    GoPBN Review

    • Enter the Username and Password you want to setup for your new site. Otherwise, leave as default.
    • Then Choose the CMS you want to Install in your New PBN. Always Choose Different CMS while creating multiple PBN. Because possibly it can leave some footprints.

    GoPBN Review

    • Select the package you want to create PBN with.
    • Click the Purchase new Plan button. One Pop-up will open.

    GoPBN Review

    • Use the Slider to Choose for how many PBN you want to pay.
    • Click on the Select Package Button

    GoPBN Review

    • Enter your details and Click on the Continue Button for the payment option

    GoPBN Review

    • Click on the Pay With PayPal button. After the Successful payment. You’ll receive an Email. For Purchase Confirmation.

    GoPBN Review

    • Now Click on the MyPBNs tab to check your available PBN

    GoPBN Review

    That’s All !! Congrats. You have Successful hosted your PBN site with GoPBN.

    Final Words

    According to me, GoPBN is one of the Best PBN hosting. Because with GoPBN you can deploy many sites worldwide with a single click. And it’s advance Technology helps me to prevent from Google PBN Hunt attack. I Recommend you to try GoPBN.


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