How to Display welcome text in Terminal ?

Quick Read : Wanna show some cool welcome text while opening your terminal ??

    How to Display cool welcome text in Terminal

Customizing linux is always fun. Today we’re going to display Cool welcome text when opening your Linux Terminal. It can also achieved by echo statement. But this is Quiet Interesting. You can change the displaying font style also. For that you have to install figlet command. Then you have to enter the Text with figlet command in Bashrc file. Then save the edited bashrc file.

    Installing Figlet

Copy and Paste the Below code in Terminal to Install figlet.

sudo apt-get install figlet

welcome text

Now you have to enter password to install it.

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    Command to Show text in Terminal

Open Linux Terminal and Open the Bashrc file with this command

gedit .bashrc

welcome text

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Now Paste the Below command in bashrc file and Save it

figlet -f slant "YourText"

welcome text

Replace the YourText with your own text. Then Save and Close the file.

That’s All. Now Let’s Check.

welcome text

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    Thanks for this cool post
    And,It’s “bashrc” not “bash”