How to Install Plank in Ubuntu


In this post, we’re going to Learn about installing Plank in Ubuntu System.

How to Install Plank in Ubuntu

Well !! We all have a Dream to use a Mac once in a Lifetime. Now I can’t afford a Mac. So Personally use I Elementary OS. Its’s almost similarly look like Mac. Plank is an Awesome Dock similar to Docky. It’s a Default dock in Elementary OS

Developers of this Plank Dock has designed in a Great Way of simplicity, faster and Great User Experience in mind 🙂

How to Install Plank in Ubuntu

To Install Plank Open Terminal :

Press [keybt]Ctrl[/keybt] + [keybt]Alt[/keybt] +[keybt]T[/keybt] to open terminal.

Now Run this following Commands in your Terminal to Install Plank.

Now Press Enter. It’ll ask your Password to Continue. Then Enter the Next Command.

It’ll refresh your Repositories. Now Next Command. This will install Plank in your Ubuntu System.

To Configure Plank :

Unfortunately, Plank doesn’t have a GUI to Configure it’s Settings. You have to do this only via command lines.

To Remove Plank from your Ubuntu System :

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