Boostnote | Best Note taking app for Ubuntu

Install Boostnote in Ubuntu – Boost Note is a Note taking app for Programmers, Developers, and Common man. It is Complete Open Source Project with GPL v3 License.

Install Boostnote in ubuntu

How to install Boostnote in Ubuntu

    Languages used in Boost Note

Boost Note uses open source language such as Electron, React + Redux, Webpack and CSSModules

  • Electron React + Redux, Webpack and CSSModules
  • React + ReduxWebpack and CSSModules
  • Webpack CSSModules
  • CSSModules

    Pros in Boostnote

  • It’s very lightweight program.
  • It consumes very less amount of resources.
  • It can run even it very old model PCs

    Cons in Boostnote

As far we used. we didn’t find any Cons in Boost Note.

How to install Boostnote in Ubuntu

    How to Install

Head to Download page of Boostnote or Click Here

Download the latest version by clicking on the Linux Button. Currently, it works only in 64bit system. We hope it’ll soon available for all architecture


Navigate to your Downloads folder and Copy the file name of deb you have downloaded. Right Click again and Open the Terminal.

Otherwise you can also Navigate with cd Downloads

cd Downloads

Now Paste this Command and Hit Enter

sudo dpkg -i boostnote_0.8.6_amd64.deb

install Boostnote in Ubuntu

Enter the Password and Hit Enter.

After the Installation gets completed Head over to the Unity Launcher and Search for Boostnote.

install boostnote in ubuntu

    From Editor’s Desk

Boostnote is one of the Best Note Taking app for Ubuntu. We Hope you have installed Boostnote without any errors. If any, Kindly Comment below. We’ll help you out.

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