Why Linux is Better than Windows ?

Quick Read: This article explains about why linux operating system is better than windows at all. Table of Contents1 What is Linux ?1.0.1 Advantage of …

Quick Read: This article explains about why linux operating system is better than windows at all.

What is Linux ?

Linux is a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant computer operating system (OS) assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution. The defining component of Linux is the Linux kernel, An operating system kernel first released on 5 October 1991 by Linus Torvalds. The Free Software Foundation uses the name GNU/Linux to describe the operating system, which has led to some controversy.(Wikipedia). Still my classmates are thing Linux is a software. That’s why i made this post.




Advantage of using Linux  :

Cost – It is fully free. While Microsoft products requires money for license. But in Linux no need of money.

Security – In Security it is safer than windows. Why are you spending extra money for virus protection software? The Linux operating system has been around since the early 90s and has managed to stay secure from the widespread viruses, spyware and adware till today.

Freedom of customization – It can be customized in the way you want. So many desktop environments available.


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Software – There are over 10000+ software available for this operating system. Like gedit, Scratch for Text Editors. Chromium, Mozilla, Opera for web browser. and so many are still unknown for us.

Hardware – It is perfect for all old model computers. Even it has low ram. it’ll work like a charm.

Flexibility – It is flexible to run even over the years. No need to restart for each software installation.


Disadvantages of This Operating System:

Understanding – Understanding this Operating system is quite tough but if you understand you’re the king.

Compatibility – Because of its free nature, It is sometimes behind the curve when it comes to brand new hardware compatibility. Though the kernel contributors and maintainers work hard at keeping the kernel up to date, Linux does not have as much of a corporate backing as alternative operating systems. Sometimes you can find third party applications, sometimes you can’t.

Alternative Programs – Some of the software are not available for Linux. We agree !! we hope One day all software will available.

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I hope now you understand the power of This Operating System. Windows is just for lazy users who like to install software by single click. If you use this operating system you’ll perform well Programming.

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8 thoughts on “Why Linux is Better than Windows ?”

  1. MC.Naveen….first a thanks…u for making this be…i know u have put a lot of efforts…to make a website…:) your post are awesome..:)

  2. The corporate backing is not true. The largest names in the industry, pay programmers to write code for the various applications. Over 80% of the donations for the base kernel are from large, for profit, corporations. (IBM, Novel, Sun(RIP), Oracle, Intel, etc. ) It was easy to find out who by putting “Linux Corporate Contributors List” in Google search. No insult intended to your article.

    I was very happy to see industry leaders putting money into Linux. I also looked at WHY they would do this. I noticed that their main business is selling hardware or complete computing environments and services. If they can eliminate the Microsoft Tax. They end up with more control over what the OS does. How it works. Price is also cheaper.

    Good article.


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