MIT’s 168-Core chip will make Mobile Device more smarter

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MIT’s 168-Core chip ?

MIT’s 168-Core chip Eyeriss will make your Mobile phone and Robot more smarter & Self learning AI. This Chip is designed to use in Self-Driving Cars, Robots, Drones, Smartphone. This chip can also recognize your Face, Sound, Events & everything. Says MIT.


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Eyeriss can even function without human Intervention. Qualcomm is making chips for mobile devices that can learn about users and anticipate actions over time. Nvidia Tegra Chips can recognize signal and street signs in Self-Driving Cars.

MIT's 168-Core chip

MIT’s Chip will need very fraction of resources, But it is 10 times more powerful that a mobile graphic processor. It can be use in Smart Phones & Battery Operated Robots.

Each Eyeriss core is built with own memory bank, It is opposite terms of GPUs and CPUs that helps to run Now a  days. This chip can share the take by breaking down and all 168 core will work at the same time. This type of circuit can me modified to obtain different type of neutral network, Compression helps to save more Bandwidth.


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This chip was demonstrated doing image recognition at the ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference) in San Francisco on Wednesday.