NodeOS is a Operating system built with NPM & Linux

Quick Read : Node-OS is the first operating system powered by npm.


NodeOS is an operating system build entirely in Javascript and managed by npm. Npm package is formally known as Node JS Packages. The goal of NodeOS is to provide just enough to let npm provide the rest. Since anyone can contribute to npm, anyone can create NodeOS packages.


NodeOS is a Node.js based operating system, built-off of the Linux kernel. The NodeOS Project is aiming to, and can already run on some of the following platforms:

  • real hardware like desktops, laptops, or SoC’s (Raspberry Pi)
  • cloud providers like Joyent, Amazon or Rackspace
  • virtual machines like QEmu, VirtualBox, VMWare and KVM
  • PaaS providers like Heroku or Joyent’s Manta
  • container providers like Docker & Vagga



Core development is being done in layers. There could be some differences to adjust better to each target platform, but the general structure is:

  • barebones custom Linux kernel with an initramfs that boots to a Node.js REPL
  • initramfs Initram environment to mount the users partition & boot the system
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  • rootfs Read-only partition image to host Linux kernel and initramfs files
  • usersfs multi-user environment with the same behaviour of traditional OSes


You can Check and Contribute to this Project by following their GitHub from Here.


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