Loading Image from URL in React Native

The image speaks more than words, This article lets you to load the Image from the URL in React Native App. Creating a New React Native Project Once you have installed React Native on your system, React Native project can be created in one single line. Open the terminal or command prompt and run the …

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Prevent Users from Taking Screenshot in React Native

Android provides an excellent functionality to block the users taking screenshot of the Application. Because to Protect the Content of App such as Bank Details or Important information. This tutorial helps you to implement this in React Native.

Cloudflare Workers Dual URL Parameters

Cloudflare Workers Dual Params

Cloudflare workers are really awesome when you want to secure your API Endpoint. But most of the code available online can only process single URL Parameter. But this will be bottleneck when you want to use more than one parameter. Here is the code for using dual parameter. You can modify the parameter name in …

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Fix fsevents doesn’t install on linux

While working on React Native Project, I faced some strange error that particular package called fsevents can’t be installed on Linux. Here is the Screenshot of that. For a while, I’m confused and what to do. I planned to ignore the package and I thought it may solve the issue. So, I quickly opened the …

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