Score Hero – one of the perfect Soccer game

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Score Hero is a single player soccer simulation . The only input is the user drawing a line from the current player with the ball to the place they want it to go . First you will select a member and next select a country after the four stages enter your name to the jersy.

Game Picture


This game is very interesting then first 4 stage is very boring and after this game is realy interested I like this game very much then 21 stage is you will join the club after 30 stages the game was very tough and interested . The user is only given 15 lives per time period and after that time period then the life meter refills . Each level consists of 3 challenges. The user is allowed to zoom out and pan the screen for determining what their next move will be.


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The playable area for the user to draw a line for their next move is still maintained with two faint grey lines that form a wedge.Either reset the game back to the beginning of the level or use a “dollar” to rewind their latest move and try again from that location .



Over 320 levels and counting…Win awards, win trophies, score goals, change clubs, represent your country and go for glory Developed by First touch.

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