Show Number of Page visited times using PHP

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This tutorial helps you to Show Number of Page visited times using PHP

PHP is a great language for Server side programming and also for web based projects. Whenever users visit your website or something else. How do they know how many times i visited this webpage. Use this Code to show how many times they visited your webpage.


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This will work until the user close the browser. Unlike cookies, SESSIONS stores information in variable.

session_start(); starts session
$_SESSION[‘counter’] += 1; The visitor value increase by +1 if they visit again.
$msg – msg is the variable which help you to Print the output. In the echo form.
if( isset( $_SESSION['counter'] ) )
$_SESSION['counter'] += 1;
$_SESSION['counter'] = 1;
$msg = "You have visited this page ". $_SESSION['counter']." times in this session.";
<?php echo ( $msg ) ?>


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