WhatsApp Web now works in Microsoft Edge

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WhatsApp Web ??

WhatsApp Web is a web Interface of a WhatsApp which is launched one year ago, First Web version of WhatsApp supports only in Chrome Browser, later Mozilla then Opera. Now WhatsApp Web also support in Microsoft Edge Browser. It is a pretty awesome feature. Which allow users to send messages right from there PC without leave from that place. It helps many peoples like bloggers, Web Designer to get messages instantly on their PC. If you have Internet connection in your home. you should take a look at Web version of whatsapp.


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WhatsApp has not made an official announcement for the Microsoft Edge support in Whatsapp Web, but it is live. To use WhatsApp Web go to web.whatsapp.com. In your Android (or) iPhone Tap the menu and click Whatsapp Web. Scan the QR Code to start using in your PC. Both get synced at the tip moment. It also warns if your phone is not connected to internet, Battery Low warning etc. When you’re receiving message in web version you’ll get a desktop notification if they are turned on.

WhatsApp Web


Web version is not a native web-app. It requires your phone to connected over the Internet till you use in your PC.


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