World’s Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot is Powered by Linux

Quick Read : This Robot Can solve Rubik’s Cube within 0.900 seconds. Read more & watch video

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday we’re really excited to coming up with this blog post. Yeah !! This Robot can solve Rubik’s Cube in 0.900 seconds. This Robot was made by Paul & Jay Flatland. This Robot consist of 4 USB Web Cameras to monitor the state. And it is rotated by Motors. Which all are controlled by Arduino Chip. Whole Process is Controlled by a System Powered by Linux.



This Robot officially made a Public Record by Solving infront of media peoples. This things are made of 3D Printed case. After placing the Rubik’s Object they are just moving the paper which covers the 4 camera. with in a second. It gets Solved. We really get Shocked while watched this Video for the first time. We think this Robot is Powered by Python Code. But we’re not sure about this. Kindly Like our facebook page to get regular update or join our Telegram Channel.


Video :